IPH - Institute of Hospital Research

The Institute Presentation

IPH - Instituto de Pesquisas Hospitalares Arquiteto Jarbas Karman (Architect Jarbas Karman Healthcare Research Institute) - is a Brazilian nonprofit organization of public use[1] aimed at improving the research and knowledge for the functional and physical planning of health institutions.

Designed by architect Jarbas Bela Karman, IPH pioneered in offering a graduation course for healthcare professionals, it was responsible for the first Aseptic and Sterilization Techniques course (1955), for the first Hospital Administration Graduation Course in Latin America (1973), for getting patents and technical commissions for hospital products (during the 60's and 80's), for publishing Hospital de Hoje magazine (edited between 1955 and 1969) and IPH Magazine (published from 2000 to 2007 and on the Internet in 2014).

IPH sponsors, releases and encourages researches concerning healthcare services, hospital administration and planning, and is home to a specialized library that includes an extensive collection of documents, manuscripts and journals available for public use.

[1] Declaration of public use enforced by state law number 4774 from August 12 1958 and federal enactment number 44.735 from  October 23 1958.