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The IPH Magazine is an interdisciplinary publication with a technical and scientific approach that is edited every year and maintains the same original goals as IPH publications, which are: to disseminate and promote knowledge in Architecture, Engineering, Administration and other fields that contribute for the improvement of health facilities construction and management.

IPH Magazine works in an ongoing flow. There are deadlines for the authors to send in their work to be published in each year´s edition.

We welcome works from students, professionals and researchers that help widening the knowledge in the fields of architecture, engineering, administration, design and other areas, considering that the core of their study be the study of health buildings.

The magazine has different sections; please make sure to verify the rules for submission and the section's tables before subscribing your work.

In case of doubts, criticism or suggestions, please contact us: contato@iph.org.br

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IPH - Instituto de Pesquisas Hospitalares Arquiteto Jarbas Karman
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Revista IPH Nº17 May / 2021

It was with great pleasure that I accepted IPH's invitation to help organize the new issue of their magazine, a publication known for the quality of its contribution to the technical and scientifical knowledge concerning healthcare facilities. One of the late Jarbas Karman's main legacies, the IPH Magazine offers a priceless space for reflection and exchange of experiences among professionals, scholars, and researchers, serving as a true "platform engaged in disseminating ideas, research...


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